Exterior Restoration

Exterior Restoration involves the repair and replacement of various elements of the exterior envelope of a building from the roof to the structural foundation. The exterior envelope of a building consists of numerous, integrated components, including: the roofing system, roof terraces, bulkheads, water tanks with supporting dunnage, skylights, parapet walls, roof railing, cornices and water tables, decorative and historic elements such as cast iron elements, stone and masonry units, curtain wall systems, window fenestration, balconies and terraces, fire escapes and sidewalks, entrance canopies and storefronts.

These systems and assemblies vary greatly in terms of materials and degree of technical sophistication and complexity. In addition, these systems must all respond to the forces of the exterior environment, such as thermal movement due to changes in temperature, freeze-thaw cycles, solar heat gain, ultraviolet degradation, atmosphere pollutants, seismic and wind forces as well as seasonal rain and snow cycles.

Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C. has extensive experience in the investigation and renovation of various building envelopes and structural systems that date from the 1800's to the present. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can manage all of the requirements for a comprehensive exterior restoration. In addition, our engineering team can resolve any structural issues that may arise during any phase of service or operations.