March 12, 2021

What is a Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI)?

A Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector is a licensed and registered Architect or Engineer who is qualified to conduct inspections for the New York City Facade Inspection and Safety Program (FISP) on buildings above 6 stories.  The QEWI is responsible for filing the FISP report and inspects all conditions and confirms the information and supporting documents prior to filing to ensure accuracy. These inspectors are registered with the NYC Department of Buildings Facades Unit and have an active DOB NOW account. 

Why is it important to have a QEWI?

A QEWI’s knowledge and experience with various building components plays an important role in their classification decisions. They understand that their primary focus is public safety, and they have the ability to evaluate if and when repairs are necessary and the timeline to complete the repairs. In order to better prepare for the FISP inspection, the QEWI will review the previous cycle’s facade inspection report, if available, along with any procurable documentation on past restoration projects at the building. The QEWI also determines the amount and locations of the close up insepctions to ensure conditions are inspected and assessed properly.

Besides the huge responsibility of protecting the public by properly inspecting and evaluating buildings in the FISP universe, the QEWI also inherits substantial liability. Failing building components such as stone, brick or terra cotta can fall and strike people below, so it is their responsibility to find those components during the inspection. QEWI’s must take these building component evaluations very seriously in order to make the correct determinations and help protect the people of New York.

Increased FISP Cycle 9 Requirements

With the introduction of FISP Cycle 9, the New York City Façade Inspection and Safety Program has been amended to require a more comprehensive examination of façade conditions. Additionally, the changes have affected the QEWI qualification criteria

  • A Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector (QEWI) now needs seven years of relevant experience to qualify.
  • Supplemental Inspectors, depending on their educational background, now need to demonstrate three-to-five years of relevant experience.

At HLZAE, our team is fully trained and prepared to handle the most complicated of Façade inspections. We recently had three members of our team obtain QEWI Certifications! Congratulations to Massimiliano Galassi, Benjamin Lehrer and Bryan Chester – way to go!

Along with the extensive list of our current FISP inspectors, here are the certified team members you might see on a project performing a final FISP Inspection:

  • Alexei Tajzler
  • Carolyn Caste
  • Bryan Chester
  • Jared Cole
  • Howard Zimmerman
  • Stephanie Bush
  • Massimiliano Galassi
  • Ilya Shtulberg

With eight certified QEWIs and a wealth of qualified technical staff, HLZAE’s highly experienced team is ready to plan and perform the FISP inspections required at any property. If your building needs a FISP inspection, we are here to help.


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