Cadman Towers

Industry Sector:

Mixed-Use Commercial/Residential

Services Provided:

Exterior Restoration

Structural Engineering

ADA Accessibility Upgrades

Sidewalk, Boiler Stack, and Window Replacement

Project Overview

The façade restoration of this mixed-use complex, comprising two buildings 32 and 13 stories in height, involved the repair of concrete frames with fluted concrete masonry wall panels. The poured-in-place concrete floor, balcony slabs, and shear end walls were patched to preserve the subtle textures of impressions made by the original wood formwork. 

HLZAE also repaired systemic leaks through the concrete masonry unit (CMU) infill panels caused by failed membrane flashing. The original block units, from molds created 40 years earlier, were no longer available. Destroyed fluted CMUs were replaced with new cinder concrete units made in fabricated block molds, which were color matched to the existing units in order to replicate the original look. 

Our team specified a penetrating corrosion inhibitor in the repair mortar and exposed original concrete substrate to extend the life of the repairs. We also covered all exposed concrete with a breathable anti-carbonation coating, which provided added protection from the elements and made all concrete surfaces uniform, allowing the natural concrete color and original surface texture to shine through.