Our Promise

At HLZAE, we aim to be your trusted advisors for long-lasting relationships built on a commitment to service, safety, top-quality work, and unmatched problem-solving skills. Our passion drives us to construct a legacy as the leading architectural and engineering firm in New York City.


We are a closely-knit team of industry-beating architects, engineers, and specialists who are ready to take on any challenge that this city can throw at us. Our extensive knowledge and expertise has also made HLZAE highly sought after for consulting on new construction. We will continue to set the bar higher with our industry-leading expertise and will change, adapt and innovate to do whatever needs to be done in the world’s most demanding city.


We have a deep admiration and respect for New York’s buildings. When we walk through our city’s streets, we don’t just see walls and windows. We see building legacies to protect, obstacles to solve, and opportunities for improvement. From Staten Island to Fifth Avenue, we build every client partnership on the same principles of trust: We will always do the right thing for our clients. We’re in it for the long run. We are here to make it happen.