For over 40 years, HLZAE has specialized in the restoration, preservation, and alteration of existing buildings, including their mechanical, electrical and structural systems.

Our expert team of architects, engineers, technical specialists, and building systems specialists offer expertise in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, exterior envelope, forensic investigation and MEP. In addition, we are also advisors for new construction, applying our years of experience to assist in meeting clients’ new design needs. 


HLZAE was founded in 1981 by New York City native, Howard L. Zimmerman. Born in Stuyvesant Town on the Lower East Side, Howard’s love for the city has been evident in his building of the company. Though he started out focusing on new building design, he soon came to realize the importance and need for a firm that specialized in the repair and restoration of the grand buildings that make New York City New York City.


Through the years as HLZAE has grown, Howard has made it the firm’s mission to assemble and develop a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, and technical specialists who know New York City and its buildings and place deep importance in maintaining long term client relationships.

“I have been fortunate to have certain clients for 20 to 25 years - they have the ability to choose any firm, but they choose HLZAE, and they stay with us”