Project Management


HLZAE staffs a team of experienced project management professionals who are experts at delivering projects on time and on budget, with results that will knock your expectations out of the park. We act as a single point of contact for projects, tracking and managing every detail from conception to completion of your project. From clients to contractors and everyone in between, we are experts in the construction industry and can manage any project with confidence, efficiency, and agility.  

The property and construction sector can be tough to navigate. At HLZAE, we act as the single point of contact, helping you to stay in control and maintain momentum throughout the project lifecycle, from start to finish. Consider us your one-stop-shop for all things project management. 

  • Punch Lists – Contractors cutting corners? Budget out of line? Can’t hit your deadlines? Get HLZAE on the job. Our team of experts knows exactly what to look for to make sure everything hits the target. 
  • Owner’s Representative – Why worry about it when you can have a team experts in your corner? Relax knowing that you have total control with HLZAE managing your project. We speak the industry language and know all of the processes, so we can manage all parties and make sure the final result is something you can feel good about 
  • Design-Build – You can rely on us to help you get more effective use of your every dollar. We know the right people with the right tools to make results happen. 

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