2 Times Square

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Commercial


Services Provided:

Exterior Restoration

Facilities Condition Assessment

Phased Envelope and MEP/FP Corrective Work in Occupied Building

Structural Engineering

Project Overview

2 Times Square is a concrete structural frame with a composite envelope that includes areas of brick cavity walls, structurally glazed aluminum, and a glass curtain wall.

HLZAE investigated the condition of the exterior envelope, including the building’s waterproofing elements, and projected repair costs through the next two maintenance cycles. HLZAE then assisted in developing the most effective scope of work for the following maintenance cycle. Our team then helped develop the most effective scope of work for the recently completed maintenance cycle. Collaborating closely with the management company, tenants, and restoration contractors, HLZAE coordinated all aspects of the restoration project, from the initial bidding stage through approvals, and closeout.

HLZAE was the lead engineer and architect for the facilities condition assessment of this property for all architectural and MEP/FP components. Our team assessed the building to determine deficiencies, code compliance, adherence to proper installation methods, and useful life information. HLZAE also performed an Energy Audit for compliance with Local Law 87.