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As part of HLZAE’s mission to provide excellent client service, HLZAE recently formed a strategic partnership with Milrose Consultants, a leading national provider of building compliance consulting solutions. The new partnership allows both companies to leverage their respective capabilities and expertise to better serve their clients and enhance the portfolio of services they can offer across an expanded national footprint. Since 1988, Milrose has helped guide owners, building managers, developers, and contractors through all aspects of municipal building compliance. Staffed with more than 200 code, zoning, permitting and inspection specialists.

Milrose’s team of experts has the extensive technical knowledge needed to be able to enable their clients to achieve compliance and gain approvals faster and more cost efficiently. The Milrose family of companies is comprised of Milrose Consultants, Masterplan, Permit Advisors, SF Codes, McCormick Compliance Consulting, Integrated Group, Special Inspection Services (S.I.S.) and strategic partner, HLZAE. With office locations throughout the country, the

Milrose family of companies is equipped to deliver end- to-end solutions for complex projects nationwide. To learn more about how HLZAE clients can benefit from utilizing Milrose’s services, visit www.milrose.com.


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