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As a Class 1 Accredited Special Inspections Agency, we offer special inspection services for all types of construction projects in New York. Since the New York City Department of Buildings began mandating third-party special inspections in 2008, clients have sought out HLZAE to provide projects with an additional level of quality assurance and security.   

Our inspections are conducted for a project to ensure compliance with approved plans, specifications, NYC Building Code and the relevant applicable standards. Our diverse portfolio of projects range from architectural interiors and exteriors, structural and mechanical projects ranging in scale from minor to multi-million dollar.  

HLZAE offers standalone special inspections services supported by a deep bench of architects, engineers, and building systems specialists who form the backbone of our practice. This multidisciplinary approach provides support across the project life cycle, from initiation to completion, ultimately saving time and reducing cost to our clients. We are committed to providing professional architectural and engineering services, earning our clients’ trust not by reputation alone, but by delivering results. 

Services Include:

  • Structural steel: Welding, High-Strength Bolting and Details
  • Concrete, masonry, and Structural Wood Frame inspections
  • Structural stability: Existing Buildings
  • Post-Installed anchors
  • Spray fire-resistant materials
  • Fire-resistant penetration and joints
  • Wall Panels, Curtain Walls and Veneers
  • Mechanical systems, Chimneys
  • Sprinkler and standpipe systems
  • Energy Code compliance
  • Progress inspections


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