Repairing, Replacing, and Restoring New York City's Skyline since 1982.

HLZAE is New York City’s leading architectural and engineering firm for the repair and maintenance of existing buildings.



HLZAE fixes buildings. HLZAE specializes in the restoration, preservation, and alteration of existing buildings, including their mechanical, electrical and structural systems. Our team of architects, engineers, technical specialists, and building systems specialists offer particular expertise in the adaptive reuse of existing buildings, exterior envelope, forensic investigation and MEP.


Our qualified and professionally trained staff has extensive experience in performing these functions for building managers, building owners, developers, and public agents. HLZAE strives toward finishing projects on-time and within budget while achieving compliance with technical, local, state and federal design requirements; construction standards; governing safety procedures; and environmental codes.


HLZAE approaches every new project with the same goals: to design, protect, and enhance the long-term value of the property as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. For decades, this approach has attracted new clients, earned their trust, and consistently won the firm repeat business from many of New York City’s well-established real estate firms and entities. 



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“Buildings require routine inspections, just like people should regularly visit their doctors.  Similar to catching a health issue, finding a problem with your building - earlier is always better.  It allows for 2nd opinions, financial planning and educated decisions.”

Director, Facade Compliance