Forensic Investigation


Forensic Investigation leverages the latest tools in science and technology to discover, assess, and establish facts and evidence for anticipated legal proceedings, including construction defect litigation. Our clients include building owners, developers, attorneys, condo and co-op boards, and contractors. In support of our clients, HLZAE considers all available information, utilizes investigative tools, assess code compliance and applies our experience to determine the root of the problem(s), the sequence of events leading to, and the ultimate trigger for failure of various building components. Reasons vary from insufficient design, improper construction practices, poor coordination, and in unusual circumstances, material failure. 

Our methods incorporate invasive and non-invasive inspections throughout the building, extensive photographic documentation, thorough testing and analysis of materials, and monitoring of existing conditions. In many cases, the research and review of all available drawings and documentation pertaining to the project can help pinpoint possible trouble spots. Our team reviews all applicable building codes and regulations with respect to their compliance with current government standards as well as industry standards at the date of application. 

Another critical component of HLZAE’s investigative service is providing building owners with highly specific information about their property. Whether for existing structures or buildings under construction, a forensic investigation enables owners to prevent or significantly reduce the possibility of future failure; it facilitates informed decision-making that saves time and money, while enhancing the long-term life of the asset. 

HLZAE has earned a strong reputation in the industry and among attorneys as a result of our thorough building component and systems evaluations, building code analysis, interpretations and compliance review, and steadfast client advocacy. 

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