Structural Engineering


HLZAE ensures that the structural integrity of a building’s primary components is maintained through an in-depth structural analysis. Understanding the new and existing global loads applied to the structure informs our engineers and helps guide them toward the most optimal economic solutions. We consider how the original design conformed to the historical code of the time and then how modern codes must be satisfied to accommodate new usage or superimposed loads. An intimate understanding of modern and historical materials, including how they deteriorate, is critical for arriving at efficient solutions that are safe, elegant and economical.  Our staff of engineers can draw upon their wealth of knowledge to develop repair and rehabilitation programs that maintain structural stability and extend the service life of buildings. 

In accordance to Local Law 37, HLZAE can perform the necessary retaining wall and parking garages inspections and create the required condition assessment to ensure the structural integrity of the building. These condition assessments are required to be completed by a licensed PE every 5 years.

Services Include:

  • Structural Analysis and Modeling (New and Existing)
  • Development of Repair and Rehabilitation Programs
  • Design Services for Structural Alterations
  • Utilization of Traditional Destructive Testing Techniques and
  • New Non-Destructive Testing Techniques
  • Analysis of Material Deterioration
  • Peer and Alteration Reviews
  • Failure Investigations and Damage Assessments
  • Reinforcement and Stabilization of Existing Structures
  • Consulting and Monitoring of Adjacent Construction
  • Expert Witness Testimony

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Forensic Project Map

This map illustrates the extensive experience of our team, highlighting the numerous forensic projects we've undertaken across New York City. To maintain the confidentiality and sensitivity of the work, specific project addresses have been omitted.

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