Interior Design at HLZAE

June 16, 2021

Interior design projects typically begin with meeting with clients to determine their wish list for and needs for a spaces. Some interior architects specialize in designing new spaces, while others focus on renovating existing spaces. Those who specialize in designing new spaces may work with other architects to ensure that their plans for the interior space work seamlessly with plans for the rest of the structure. Those who focus on remodeling space, analyze the existing interior of the space to assess any limitations or requirements.

At HLZAE, we work directly with our clients to create and
develop their unique vision. We remove the burden of the design process by
managing material selection, purchasing, contractor supervision, budget
oversight, and obtaining all necessary permit; essentially creating a one stop
shop for our clients. Our designers transform clients’ residential and
commercial spaces while creating safe, functional, and beautiful

While each project and client are different, they all
require the same core skills and values: a shared understanding of the scope
and expectations, scrupulous planning, attention to detail and efficiency.

Punch Lists

Our team of experts knows exactly what to look for to make
sure everything hits the target.

  • We check and double-check everything, saving
    time and money on rework.
  • We ensure that every detail matches the plans
    and standards.
  • We manage all trades working across the entire  project.
  • We make sure your direction and vision is
    carried out to fruition

Owner’s Representative

We speak the industry language and know the process.

  • We listen and get a thorough understanding of
    what you are looking for.
  • We act as your single point of contact for a
    stress-free experience.
  • We anticipate and react to potential problems
    and find innovative ways to solve them.
  • We make sure that the project meets your
    timelines, budget, and expectations.


You can rely on HLZAE to help you get more effective use of  every dollar. We know the right people with
the right tools to make results happen.

  • We ensure that the project meets your budget and
  • We focus on efficiency without sacrificing
  • We’re hands-on, giving your renovation the
    attention that it deserves.
  • We coordinate and keep track of all moving parts.
520 East 81st Street – Interior Renovation

HLZAE provides expertise in any stage of your project, from design until execution. If you are considering an Interior Renovation to your building or living space, let us help you! 

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