Temple Emanu-El

Industry Sector:

- Religious

Services Provided:

- Historic Preservation
- Exterior Restoration

Project Overview:

Temple Emanu-El was erected in 1927-29 in the neo-Romanesque style on a prominent site at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 65th Street. It is clad in a buff colored limestone that exhibits various subtle textures created by different surface tooling techniques. The main façade underwent a full restoration of its limestone elements including the limestone cladding as part of the exterior restoration program for aesthetic considerations and to preserve the masonry. The tower roof was replaced with a lead-coated copper roof and the main gutters were refurbished. With the exception of the stained glass, all windows were replaced during the extensive façade repairs. At the Assembly Hall; south, west, and part of the east elevation; new steel casement windows were installed. At the north, and part of the east elevation; new aluminum windows were installed.

HLZA supervised all aspects of the restoration and repairs, working closely with Landmarks Preservation Commission.