Penn South

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MEP Upgrades

Gas Pipe Replacement

Project Overview

Penn South is an affordable cooperative housing community consisting of fifteen 21-story buildings completed in 1962 and located in the Chelsae neighborhood. Penn South is a large housing complex within the city, with the unique characteristic that they have a very large cogeneration plan that allows them to be off the grid for heat and power. Our team was hired to replace the existing gas service piping and meters within the gas meter rooms in several buildings at Penn South. New piping is to be welded, and to be laid out in a format compliant with Con Edison Gas Yellow Book requirements. 

Gas piping systems are required to maintain pressure integrity within the distribution piping to avoid any potential for gas shutdowns and pressure testing. Given that the building is an affordable housing community, having the gas service shut down would have a great negative impact on the building residents. In Addition, when gas service piping is erected, it must be swung over from an existing service in a short period of time which means that the existing infrastructure must stay in place until the new  infrastructure is completely built and ready to be interconnected. To avoid having any gas shutdowns, the service was bottled to maintain pressure on the distribution side. 

Additionally, the contractor was able to coordinate the service shutdowns and reconnections with the utility.