Park City Estates

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Residential

Services Provided:

Exterior Restoration

Garage Repairs

Garage Collapse Restoration


Project Overview

Built in 1960 and consisting of five 17-story buildings, Park City Estates contains approximately 1,100 apartment units. All five buildings underwent a comprehensive repair program that addressed hazardous conditions including reported leaks as required by the New York City Department of Buildings and the Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP). HLZAE coordinated all aspects of the restoration project from the initial bidding stage through completion, working closely with the contractors, the management company, and the building’s senior board members. 

Our team also performed significant repairs to the underground parking garage. Primarily built of reinforced concrete piers and waffle slabs, the garage had deteriorated after many years of water infiltration, improper repairs, and neglect. The garage roof collapsed during construction for the repairs, creating a large opening in the center of the plaza and causing the destruction of several parked cars. We installed temporary shoring to support the remaining areas of the garage and performed investigations to determine the cause of the collapse. After interior repairs were complete and new supporting piers were installed, a new concrete roof waffle slab was poured in place and covered with new waterproofing, soil, and grass bound by walkways.