New York Presbyterian – Payson Tower

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Services Provided:

Façade Restoration

Minor Roof Replacement

Concrete Restoration

Project Overview

Built between 1965 and 1967, and located at 435 East 70th Street, Payson House was designed to provide housing for nurses, doctors, and medical center staff. It is a 37-story building made of precast concrete panels, exposed aggregate panel, and bond cementitious concrete.

HLZAE performed a full restoration of the façade, which began deteriorating at the corner connectors causing concrete spalling and cracking. To repair this condition, the team had to ensure the patch was applied dead on and had to tweak the sizing of gravel to result in the correct ratio. An important aspect of this process was the re-color and size of chips. We used a retarder to prevent the cement patch from deterioration and a nylon brush and water to wash away the paste. HLZAE worked with Skyline Restoration on this project because it’s important to use the same individual throughout the patching process. We 4”thick concrete 10’ x 6’ panels with retardant on top and exposed aggregate concrete.