Columbia University – 538 West 114th Street

Industry Sector:

Multi-family Residential

Services Provided:

Roof Replacement

Brick/Stone Masonry Cleaning

Brick/Stone Masonry Repairs

Repair of Existing Wrought Iron Decorative Railings

Rebuilding of the Main Entrance Stoop

Project Overview

538 West 114th Street is a 4-story multi-family residential building located uptown, next to the Columbia University Campus. The building was finished in 1900 and is a pre-war building used by Columbia University as a dormitory for students.

Our work consisted of repairing all the façades, the replacement of the roofing membrane, the installation of railings at the edge of the roof, and the rebuilding of the main entrance stoop (still under construction and almost completed). For this project, we needed to perform all the repairs in coordination with a concurrent interior renovation project (by others), and in time before the beginning of the academic year.