Chatham Towers

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Residential

Services Provided:

Exterior Restoration

Concrete Façade Restoration

Store Front Replacement

Plaza, Sidewalk and Vault Waterproofing and Restoration

Project Overview

Designed by Gruzen and Partners and built in 1971, the twin concrete towers are a prime example of modern mid-century Brutalism, a style that features raw forms and unadorned surfaces of formed-in-place concrete. 


Our challenge was to reverse the insensitive mismatches of prior repair attempts and to faithfully replicate the color and subtle textures of the original concrete formboards impressed on the raw concrete structure. HLZAE worked closely with the contractor and the manufacturer of concrete repair materials to bring about a renewed appearance that was also a close match to the original, while providing added benefits of anti-corrosion and water repellency from contemporary repair materials.