5 East 22nd Street

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Residential

Services Provided:

Gas Piping Replacement


Code Compliance

MEP Upgrades

Project Overview

5 East 22nd Street is a 31-story residential building that was built in 1985. After an abrupt shut down due to the smell and leaking of gas, the project consisted of gaining access to
nearly 422 units with alterated kitchens and gas piping to be replaced. In order to verify all individual gas piping modifications, HLZAE worked closely with the contractor and the
building management company to gain access to each unit at the most convenient time for the tenant. This high level of coordination required impeccable communication and consistent project meetings until every inch of gas piping was replaced in the building. It was also crucial for HLZAE to assure the DOB drawing set reflected full re-pipe while the Bid set required a breakdown of modified apartments since they were the unit owners responsibility.

The project concluded with creating two varying drawings sets, one to satisfy the DOB filing, and the other showing all building original piping, plus alternate section including all alterated apartments in order to accurately price bids. This was one of the largest gas piping replacement jobs ever done within HLZAE.