325 East 84th Street – The Rockefeller University

Industry Sector:

Education (Faculty Residences)

Services Provided:

Façade Repairs

Roof Replacement

Railing Replacement

Project Overview

325 East 84th Street is a 7-story multi-unit residential building located within the Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood. The building was finished in 1983 and is a brick masonry cavity-wall building. Our work consisted of investigating the façade during the 7th Cycle FISP Inspection and developing a scope of work for repairs to the brick masonry facade and parapets. Several lintels, shelf angles, and thru-wall units were exposed and replaced before being made watertight and rebricked which required numerous custom modifications as the street façade presented different architectural details at each floor level. The parapets were repointed and new coping covers were installed, in addition to full roof membrane replacement at all levels. New code compliant railings were installed at the rooftop and the deteriorating rear yard balconies were also repaired and restored.