303 East 57th Street

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Mechanical Upgrades

Project Overview

303 East 57th Street, also known as “The Excelsior,” is a 45-story, full-service luxury building located in Sutton Place, Manhattan. Our work consisted of designing a completely new HVAC system to provide the building’s ground floor retail spaces with individual VRF Units for heating and cooling.

For this project, our team installed condensers in the front garden area of the building. The VRF refrigerant lines were installed from the condensers in the front garden area through the parking garage and into the retail stores to serve the indoor evaporators, which were installed in the retail Mechanical Spaces. This project was an upgrade on the existing system, which was tied into the building’s cooling tower. Each store now has its own HVAC system completely separated from the building’s cooling and heating system. This is beneficial for both the new tenant and building, as the HVAC system billing can be kept separate from the building and each store.