215 East 96th Street

Industry Sector:

Mixed-Use Residential


Services Provided:

Exterior Restoration

Architectural Design

Project Overview

215 East 96th Street was constructed in 2005 and is 41 stories tall. The building is a brick masonry building with a cavity wall with exposed concrete slabs. The building features a steel frame and concrete post-and-beam structural system.

The 41-story tower is an L-shape with five façades that vary in length from 42’ to 144’. With the exception of the West façade, the building is completely surrounded by setbacks that contain resident terraces at either the 30th floor or throughout the first four floors.

Our team performed a full inspection on four of the five façades of the building. After assessing the structure, HLZAE replaced and repaired the building’s concrete eyebrows, reinforcement bars, and windows. We also performed selective brick replacement and repointing and installed a new flashing system to protect the building from water infiltration and future damage.