211 West 56th Street

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Residential


Services Provided:

FISP: Parking Garage Restoration

Window Replacement Consulting

Main Roof Replacement & Repairs

Plaza Renovation & Waterproofing

MEP Upgrades

Project Overview

Completed in 1979, Carnegie Mews at 211 West 56th Street is a 36-story residential tower with 396 residential units located near Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan. Our scope of work included a full restoration of the four-level parking garage covering repairs to the severely damaged concrete decks, walls, and ceilings, drain replacement, resurfacing, and new waterproofing. The project team was also responsible for replacing the main roof and water tank, repairing the main bulkhead, providing design options for a new recreational roof terrace, installing a new storefront for the commercial spaces, and renovating the plaza. 

Shortly after our initial engagement, the client expanded the scope to include work on the building’s aging heating and plumbing systems. This work included new steam condensation insulation for the garage, new exhaust ducts for enhanced ventilation, a new ventilation system, exposed piping, and new heating fans and heat trace systems. The project was not without challenges: plans often did not match the built conditions, so the team had to adjust its approach and prioritize coordination to ensure proper connections to existing elements.