1991 Broadway

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MEP Upgrades


Code Compliance

Forensic Investigations

Project Overview

1991 Broadway is a 26-story full service, luxury residential building. It was built in 1985 and is located between Central and Riverside Parks. We provide MEP upgrade services as well as expediting, code compliance and forensic investigation. This project involves the demolition and installation of two (2) new boilers, breeching’s, condensate pumps, and other relevant equipment and piping.

For the gas piping replacement, the original intent was to replace existing copper gas supply pipe (which was only legal for a very short time period) but in the process of this, the existing risers needed to pass a pressure test, which they failed. The contractor needed to go in and and and repair all the riser leaks. This was beneficial to the building because law 152 is coming into play and this kind of extensive review and repair would have likely had to happen anyway. The work on the boilers and gas piping are ongoing to ensure the building is up to date with all DOB regulations.