1501 Broadway

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Services Provided:

FISP Exterior Inspection & Restoration

Brick Masonry Replacement

Decorative Limestone Replacement & Repairs

Addressing Interior Water Migration from the Exterior Envelope

Project Overview

The Paramount Building is a well-known property in the heart of Times Square. This 32-story historic building was built in 1926 and is under the jurisdiction of the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Atop the building is a four-faced clock, with two large faces and two small faces, as well as an illuminated globe that could display the time. The historic Paramount Theater was located at the ground floor and is now home to the Hard Rock Cafe.

This project required an assessment of the exterior elements of the facades, which include brick masonry and decorative limestone. After performing a FISP inspection, our team replaced the affected brick masonry and decorative limestone and executed repairs. We also addressed an issue with interior water migration from the exterior envelope. The logistics of the repairs proved to be challenging due to the building’s prominent location and large volume of theatre and film related offices/studios, but nonetheless, we were successful.