100 United Nations Plaza

Industry Sector:

Multi-Unit Residential

Services Provided:

Chilled Water System Replacement

Project Overview

100 United Nations Plaza is a 52-story building in Midtown East that opened in 1986. The bulk of the major building systems were more than thirty years old and pushing well past
their expected useful life. HLZAE was hired by the building’s Board of Managers to design and oversee the replacement of the chiller plant and the rooftop cooling towers. The project consisted of the removal and replacement of steam absorption chillers, chilled water pumps, spring vibration isolators, dilution tank and inertia bases for condenser water pumps, and wiring for steam absorption chiller and chilled water pumps.

For the Chilled Water System, since the equipment needed to be brought into a cellar level mechanical room it was a challenging task given we had to go through an occupied commercial parking garage space and the equipment did not fit through the mechanical room door. HLZAE coordinated with the parking garage company to have the equipment rigged over the weekend during their downtime and also had to remove portions of the mechanical room walls to fit the equipment into the room. Similar to the Chilled Water System, the Cooling Tower System equipment also had to be rigged and broken down to get it into the roof level mechanical room in a timely manner and ready for the next cooling season.