NYC Code Development & Revisions

August 22, 2023

The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) is mandated to keep the City’s Construction and Electrical Codes up to date. The Construction Codes protect public health, safety, general welfare, and the environment by establishing minimum standards for the design, construction, and occupancy of buildings. The DOB has organized a series of committees to assist with drafting revisions to the New York City Construction and Electrical Codes.

Additionally, the DOB intends to submit and to review material related to the development of the New York City Existing Building Code, which will govern alterations to existing and prior code buildings.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that both HLZAE and our strategic partner, Milrose Consultants are participants in the NYC Code Development Committees.

Here are the latest members:

Howard L. Zimmerman Architects & Engineers, DPC

  • Arie Isaacs, Director of Code & Zoning   
    • Accessibility Commitee
  • Leon Geoxavier, Senior Project Manager
    • Accessibility Commitee
  • Nicholas Dalton, Director of MEP Engineering
    • Mechanical, HVAC & Boilers Committee

Milrose Consultants

  • Jon Nassimi, Code & Zoning Analyst
    • Accessibility Committee
  • John Secreti, Senior Code & Zoning Consultant
    • Accessibility Committee
  • Kathleen d’Erizans, Director of Zoning Codes & Consulting
    • Accessibility Committee
    • Use, Occupancy Classification, and Egress Commitee 

For more information on NYC Code Development, click here.

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