Getting to know Margaret Hovorka

September 26, 2022

Margaret Hovorka, Alteration Review Manager, who many refer to as “Maggie,” is known for her strong passion and “can do” attitude at HLZAE. With more than 7 years of experience, Maggie manages the Alterations Department as well as small to mid-scale architectural projects, while assisting Project Managers with larger projects. Her day to day typically includes assigning alterations internally and communicating externally with clients. She completes alteration reviews and works closely with all departments at HLZAE to ensure that all clients are provided with a comprehensive report. Maggie is also involved in the design repairs of a project, which includes investigation, evaluation and recommendation for design solution. When she isn’t doing the above, you’ll find her putting her Industrial Rope Access certification to good use, as she’s also a resource for the firm and completes exterior inspections whenever necessary.

Maggie’s design background stems from a young age. When she was just five years old, she was always insistent upon redecorating her bedroom, which always included the help of her dad. Together, this father/daughter duo would constantly rearrange her furniture and repaint her room about six or seven times. Fast forward to high school where she was always in honor or college level art and math classes, which encouraged her to apply to colleges where she could focus on architecture. She soon became a student at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and there was no turning back. She immediately knew that it was the right fit for her and went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

The most unique part of Maggie’s role is the number of people she is in communication with daily throughout our firm. Not only does she work directly with her studio, but she also works weekly (if not daily) with all of our other departments/architectural studios. Additionally, she is one of the few people at HLZAE who works on both the exterior and interior of buildings. Maggie enjoys the ability to work with and learn from all the different specialties within HLZAE. She also loves having the opportunity to hang from ropes hundreds (sometimes a thousand) of feet above NYC streets. This allows her to admire the city from a completely different vantage point than most New Yorkers could ever imagine.

Maggie’s favorite HLZAE project is 50 West 57th Street. Since she directly worked on its restoration, she was able to learn so much from it. The project doubled in scope due to the severe deterioration that was discovered during demolition. HLZAE was forced to design unique repairs throughout the scope of the project to work with the current building systems. Additionally, there were so many project setbacks (COVID, neighboring access agreements, leaks, delayed lead times, etc.) so when everything was completed, she said it felt like she finally reached the top of the mountain.

Her most memorable rope access inspections include, 111 West 57th Street and 1501 Broadway. 111 West 57th Street was the highest point she had ever reached at a whopping 1,428 feet! She and the rope access team were also able to watch Central Park transition from winter to spring to summer due to the number of inspections completed. 1501 Broadway, also known as the Paramount Building and where the Hard Rock Café is located, is another unforgettable experience. She was able to inspect the clock at the very top of the building and get up close and personal with the Hard Rock Café sign. This also occurred a few days before Christmas and the installation of the NYE Time Square Ball, so it was simply amazing.  

When Maggie isn’t on the job you can find her working out, drawing, painting, kayaking, traveling, watching hockey, cooking, and spending time with family and friends!

At HLZAE, we integrate our inspection, design, and construction services to prolong the lifespan of buildings. With each project, we evaluate the alternatives for traditional versus contemporary repair techniques and advise clients on decisions subject to landmark requirements. When it comes to executing project plans and generating project deliverables, you can always count on Margaret Hovorka to work collaboratively with our team of architects and engineers to meet your project schedule and budget!

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