Getting to know Antoinette Bree-Sarmiento

March 14, 2022

Antoinette Bree-Sarmiento, Accounting Manager is known for her can-do attitude and dedication to HLZAE. She is responsible for maintaining the financial records and handles the full cycle of accounting needs and duties for the firm. With over 24 years of experience at HLZAE, let’s just say Antoinette knows the inside scoop. She has seen quite a lot of changes and development over the years, which is what makes her role so unique. What has remained constant is HLZAE has always specialized in the restoration, preservation, and alteration of existing buildings, including their mechanical, electrical, and structural systems. Since Antoinette’s arrival, these services have only expanded and evolved, which has been exciting for her to watch unfold. 

Antoinette began working at HLZAE as a receptionist. There were just 13 people at the firm, but there was so much to do. She eventually started training with a mentor and learned how to operate payroll, billing, human resources, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Antoinette was a one-woman show and essentially became the eyes and ears of the company. Her position required her to deal with everyone internally and externally, which she considers to be the best part of her job. She’s met so many interesting people along the way, who have left a long-lasting impact on her life, Howard being one of them. With the firm’s growth over time, an accounting department was born. Antoinette continued her role in accounting but with the assistance of a team.

Antoinette’s tenure places her in one of the most unique positions at HLZAE. She has watched people come and grow, go off to college, get married and start families, including both of Howard’s sons. Meeting him as just a child, Harron Zimmerman is now Director of Special Projects at HLZAE.

Antoinette’s sarcasm and sense of humor are perhaps her most underrated skills. No day is ever dull as she keeps everyone on their toes. Accounting tasks can be hectic at times, but her strong-willed personality is what keeps things in order.” When asked the reason for choosing her profession, she always replies, “The profession chose me.” She also jokingly says that her life’s dream is to write a book on HLZAE.

When she steps away from the accounting department, you can find Antoinette, reading, traveling, or spending time with family. She loves running and pushing herself to the limits. She also enjoys taking on DIY projects at home. Her favorite building is the Flatiron Building because of its history and unusual shape. Believe it or not, she was once mistaken for Fergie (Prince Andrew’s ex-wife) back in 1994 when her hair was curly!

At HLZAE, we aim to be your trusted advisors for long-lasting relationships built on a commitment to service, safety, top-quality work, and unmatched problem-solving skills. Our passion drives us to construct a legacy as the leading architectural and engineering firm in New York City. We are a closely-knit team of industry-beating architects, engineers, and specialists who are ready to take on any challenge that this city can throw at us. When it comes to setting the bar higher with our industry-leading expertise, you can count on Antoinette Bree-Sarmiento and our team of architects and engineers!

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