Getting to know Philip Wong

February 16, 2022

Philip Wong, Project Associate, who many refer to as “Phil,” is known for his diligence and positive attitude at HLZAE. He plans and develops small to medium scope projects while assisting Senior Project Managers with larger projects. Phil provides support to various project types, including façade restoration, exterior rehabilitation, historic preservation and forensic investigation. He is responsible for the coordination of all project efforts, administrative and technical, to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective execution of assigned projects. He is also involved in the specific technical design aspects of a project, including investigation, evaluation and recommendation for design solution. In addition to project management, Phil performs building site inspections from lifts and both pipe and suspended scaffolding. When he isn’t doing the above, you’ll find him putting his Industrial Rope Access certification to good use.

With over 9 years of professional experience, and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from New York Institute of Technology, Phil has his college professor to thank for leading him towards the world of architecture. After taking a drafting class, loving it and exceling in it, he decided it was time to do something with his experience. He went off to work on healthcare projects for approximately 5 years and then eventually took on his role as Project Associate at HLZAE in 2017.

What Phil appreciates the most about his job is visiting buildings that contain historical significance. He finds that working to preserve the unique illustrations of the city’s architectural history can be challenging yet extremely rewarding. The Plaza Hotel and 400 Madison Avenue, both historic landmark buildings, are two of Phil’s favorite projects. Project highlights at the Plaza include extensive forensic investigation and façade restoration. At 400 Madison, the scope consisted of matching and replacing deteriorated terra cotta units with approximately 2,100 newly custom fabricated and glazed units, in addition to repairing and rehabilitating deteriorated structural steel. Near the end of the façade work, a re-roofing project was also performed at 400 Madison Avenue to ensure the integrity of the building envelope.

The most unique part of Phil’s role is being a member of HLZAE’s Rope Access Team. Rope Access Inspections enable Phil and our team to access and investigate potentially hazardous conditions quickly and to navigate challenging building conditions successfully. Rope Access is especially useful in buildings that would be difficult to inspect via more traditional methods due to limited access or extreme building conditions. As a Project Associate in New York City and having the opportunity to see the city from a different perspective, Phil admires the views that come with each inspection, which he considers to be the best part of his job.  

When Phil steps away from the office, you can probably catch him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He loves museums and aside from it being the largest one in NYC, he finds that this one particularly has so much detail and history behind it, making it his favorite. Some of his hobbies include hiking, photography, fishing and let’s just say he’s a huge foodie! Phil enjoys trying new foods, restaurants and finding places to eat… it’s also something he does best! He also loves to build things, so it’s no shocker he played a huge role on HLZAE’s Canstruction Team. His ideas and efforts while on the committee, led to some shining moments that we’ll never forget!

At HLZAE, we integrate our inspection, design, and construction services to prolong the lifespan of buildings. With each project, we evaluate the alternatives for traditional versus contemporary repair techniques and advise clients on decisions subject to landmark requirements. When it comes to executing project plans and generating project deliverables, you can always count on Philip Wong to work collaboratively with our team of architects and engineers to meet your project schedule and budget!

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