Getting to know Nofal Abbas

November 10, 2021

Nofal Abbas, Project Associate is known for his tenacity and commitment to the MEP Department at HLZAE. With 5 years of experience at the firm, he manages small to mid-scale Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering projects, while assisting Senior Project Managers with larger projects. In addition to project management, he also performs surveys, creates scopes of work, produces engineering drawings, coordinates and conducts bidding out projects to contractors, and then oversees construction. Nofal also generates technical reports that highlight issues and solutions for different building systems.

Nofal believes that with a level of ownership of projects, you must own the mistakes that you make. No two projects are the same and every project has its own challenges. Working with the Board, Property Management, Resident Management and Contractors often leads to managing a variety of expectations. With so many parties involved, it can be difficult at times but being able to juggle them and achieving the end result is what he finds so rewarding.

350 West 50th Street is Nofal’s favorite project to date.  It was a large-scale construction Cooling Tower Replacement assignment that he was able to design and manage. Some of the work that went into this project includes heating and cooling load calculations to confirm sizing of the new cooling tower cells, a new steel dunnage design and waterproofing specifications to support the new tower cells. Nofal and his team also provided new condenser water pumps, variable frequency drives, piping, and values and components as required to facilitate the relocation. Demolition drawings were generated to remove all associated indoor equipment to allow for a future repurposing of the existing cooling tower machine room.

When Nofal steps away from the MEP world, he dives right into the fitness world. Some of his hobbies include weightlifting/bodybuilding and snowboarding. He also enjoys photography, traveling and cooking. His Bengal cat named Simba is his ultimate pride and joy.


At HLZAE, we offer service engineering design and consulting in addition to architectural services. We specialize in the design of new, replacement, and retrofit of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/sprinkler, and fire alarm systems for New York City’s existing residential and commercial buildings. When it comes to a comprehensive investigation of the building system in question, you can always rely on Nofal and our team of architects and engineers.



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