Getting to know Larry Joseph

September 21, 2021

With more than 14 years of experience, Larry serves as Senior Project Manager at HLZAE. He oversees project management from investigation to close-out and participates in the firm’s AutoCAD Management and Horizontal Surfaces committees. Along with his typical project management duties including client relationships, scheduling, budgeting, and profitability for a variety of projects, his current role also involves mentoring project associates.  Larry enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with younger staff when he’s able to, but he also likes to be involved with every aspect of the business side of things. “I believe what I do can be considered unique because aside from my role, I try to be involved as much as I can anywhere that I’m needed.”

Larry’s journey towards architecture is different than most. He grew up in the beautiful islands of the Turks and Caicos where the lifestyle is far less of a hustle and bustle compared to New York City living.  He attended high school in the islands but focused primarily on engineering technical drawings since architectural design wasn’t offered as a study. He had a knack for drawings related to engineering, which is where his interest started. As a child, he visited New York frequently and was constantly amazed by the volume of high-rise buildings throughout Manhattan. He was always curious as to how such tall buildings existed. After venturing off to college at the New York Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in Construction Management, his interests were more directed to the fact that just like a simple single-family home, taller buildings would eventually require repair. This was never taught at his school, so he never knew this field of architecture existed until a friend convinced him to apply for a job at HLZAE and almost 15 years later, he is still intrigued.

Larry believes every day on the job is a learning experience and that’s what he loves most about it. No matter how much experience and knowledge are acquired throughout the years, there is always something unusual that may be encountered. “The beauty in what we do is how we approach and resolve the challenging moments we face. It is also satisfying when your clients have full trust and confidence in our ability to help them through their issues no matter how big or how minute the problems may be.”

Larry also loves a great challenge and being able to stay as busy as possible. He believes the difficulty doesn’t lie in the work/job but rather in learning to understand his limits when it comes to taking on projects. 

When it comes to a favorite building, Larry doesn’t have one, however; he loves buildings with character and function. After entering the field of architecture, he found himself admiring buildings not only for their visual aesthetics, but more for how challenging they might be to mobilize for construction. “The design of some newer buildings today, do not consider future repairs and how they can be mobilized for future work. “

Larry has a few favorite projects at HLZAE. He enjoys working on all types of projects, especially the ones that pose the biggest challenges. He also appreciates working with different personalities when it comes to clients. No two are alike and to be able to adapt is very important to him. His enjoyment is mostly directed at the clients and less at the projects themselves.  

Larry managed concrete repairs and the complete overhaul of building systems at 211 West 56th Street, a four-level garage in Midtown. For 250 East 87th Street, a residential building in the Upper East Side, he oversaw comprehensive roof, balcony, and chimney repairs. Larry also successfully navigated delays due to ongoing construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway and performed extensive coordination with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

When Larry isn’t on the job, he enjoys the fun and relaxation that comes with boating and fishing. He also loves working with his hands, especially when it comes to building things around the house. Most importantly, his major accomplishment is his family (wife and three daughters) and tries to involve them in most of what he does. Larry is often complimented on his peaceful and tranquil personality. He doesn’t let anything to get to him and has the Turks and Caicos to thank for this.

At HLZAE, we integrate our inspection, design, and construction services to prolong the lifespan of buildings. HLZAE has extensive experience in the investigation and renovation of building envelopes and structural systems dating from the 1800’s to the present. These building assemblies, which consist of numerous integrated components, vary greatly in terms of materials and degree of technical complexity. With the help of Larry Joseph and our knowledgeable and professional staff, we can manage the comprehensive requirements necessary to restore function and performance of the building envelope.

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