Getting to know Jessica Deutschmeister

August 20, 2021

Jessica Deutschmeister joins HLZAE as a Project Associate. With 5 years of professional experience, and just under a year of working at the firm, she manages small to mid-scale mechanical projects, while assisting Senior Project Managers with larger projects. In addition to project management, she provides technical design for projects, conducts site surveys, conducts researches and creates investigation reports. She also coordinates bidding out projects to contractors. Jessica is the point of contact for her clients and works diligently to satisfy all of the building’s needs. Jessica will typically take on the construction administration role on behalf of the owners to ensure the project is being built in accordance with the plans, specifications, and all applicable local building codes and industry standards.

Jessica has always been excited by the MEP industry. Walking into a building and understanding how it operates makes her role feel unique. She enjoys being involved in all aspects of a project and having the opportunity to coordinate not only with the client and contractors but multiple city agencies such as the Department of Buildings (DOB), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Con Edison and the Department of Transportation (DOT).  What she loves most about her role is being able to manage a project from start to finish. Starting out with a problem and figuring out a solution is great, but she believes having it implemented and built is even better. Working on a building that has no existing drawings can be challenging at times but that is what makes the projects more interesting for Jessica.

41 West 96th Street was one of the first projects assigned to Jessica at HLZAE and is currently her favorite. It is also the first project she has ever worked on that involves exterior gas risers, which she finds interesting as they are a great option for existing buildings. While reducing the amount of work that needs to be completed in every apartment, exterior risers are also cost efficient. This project is currently at the starting phase of construction and Jessica looks forward to seeing the end result. Stay tuned!

When Jessica isn’t on the job, you can find her hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. Her goal is to visit all the US National Parks. She’s also a huge Star Wars fan!

At HLZAE, we offer service engineering design and consulting in addition to architectural services. We specialize in the design of new, replacement, and retrofit of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection/sprinkler, and fire alarm systems for New York City’s existing residential and commercial buildings. When it comes to a comprehensive investigation of the building system in question, you can always count on Jessica Deutschmeister and our team of architects and engineers!

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