What you need to know about Local Law 97

June 24, 2021

In 2019, recognizing the sizeable impact NYC buildings emissions have on our climate, the City of New York enacted The Climate Mobilization Act, the cornerstone of which is Local Law 97 (LL97),  an ambitious new law that sets emissions caps for buildings larger than 25,000 square feet. The law is the most progressive building emissions legislation enacted by any city in the world, and it’s clear, New York, a city filled with soaring skyscrapers, has aimed just as high in setting the standard for other cities to follow.   

Local Law 97 Goal

GOAL OF LOCAL LAW 97: Cut Carbon Emissions in NYC Buildings 

By 2030 – reduction goal = 40%  
By 2050 – reduction goal = 80% 

(reduction is measured from 2005 baseline data, the peak year of NYC GHG emissions)

What you Need to Know:

In order to reduce emissions, updates and changes may need to be made to your building. Some of these updates may take a substantial amount of time so it is important to be proactive and learn how you can start to reduce your building emissions. 

Here are a few helpful resources we have put together: 

How to Prepare your Building

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We can assist in finding out your building’s energy score and if needed, conduct an energy audit to determine the most cost-effective improvements for your building that will benefit it in the short and long term in order to avoid hefty fines down the road. 

Adjustment Application

The DOB recently released an update that allows for buildings with special circumstances or not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare facilities, to file for an adjustment to increase the amount of time their building has to reduce their emissions. Application must be submitted no later than JUNE 30, 2021.

An adjustment only temporarily raises the building emissions limit to allow for more time for compliance due to a qualifying circumstance. Eligibility requirements for each type of adjustment need to be met as described in the law. To learn more about what this means, we have put together the following: Adjustment Application Details

HLZAE is here to help you navigate this upcoming deadline and can prepare your emissions reduction plan to ensure your building will meet the necessary building score to avoid penalties. If you have any questions, please reach out!

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