Property Ownership Certification Form Required For All Permits in DOB NOW

June 3, 2021

UPDATE: On June 28, the DOB announced that this requirement will now begin in August 2021, and will require a Property Ownership Certification Form only for New Building and Alteration-CO jobs.

Beginning in August 2021, all applications for New Building and Alteration-CO projects will require a Property Ownership Certification form to proceed with a permit request in DOB NOW: Build.

As required by Local Law 160 of 2017, the following information must be provided on the form:

  • The name and business address of each owner of the property
  • A list of the properties in New York City owned by each owner; and
  • Whether each owner owes covered arrears to the City for each property and the amount of the covered arrears owed.

Covered arrears include any of the following that are not currently in the appeals process:

  • Unpaid fines, civil penalties, or judgments entered by a court or by OATH pursuant to Chapter 2 of Title 28 of the NYC Administrative Code; and
  • Unpaid and past due fees or other charges assessed by DOB.

If the owners own more properties than can be listed on the Property Ownership Certification form, the Supplemental Property Ownership Certification form must be used.

The form can be uploaded to DOB NOW by the Owner, Authorized Filing Representative, or Applicant of Record under the documents tab of the Plans/Work (PW1) application. The form(s) must be uploaded as one file under the Document Name: Property Ownership Certification form. The document is required prior to permit and cannot be waived.

HLZAE is in the process of clarifying the implications of this new requirement and we will continue to ensure that your project has the necessary information filed.

If you have questions or need assistance, we are here to help:

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