Parking Garage Required Inspections COMING SOON

May 27, 2021

Recently, HLZAE attended the Build Safe Digital Conference: Safety & Sustainability  where the Department of Buildings (DOB) shared new information regarding inspections for Parking Garages. The DOB announced that the NYC Parking Garage rule is expected to go into effect January 1, 2022. This rule will require all Parking Garages in NYC to be inspected by a Professional Engineer to ensure the structure is safe.

Below we have outlined the latest updates and necessary information regarding the requirements for your parking garage to help you prepare for compliance. We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more and are here to help you prepare for the new deadline.

As we await additional information about this new code, HLZAE is here to help you evaluate your structure and prepare for potential repairs. We can complete a walk through now and identify any concerns to better prepare your building for the regulation and ensure compliance.

Parking Garage Inspections

The rule that applies to the Parking Garage inspection requirements is currently being developed, but the DOB anticipates the following and the rule is expected to go into place on January 1, 2022. Here are the additional details we have received so far:

  • The first report deadline will be January 1, 2024
  • Filing cycles will be broken down into 2 year sub-cycles by borough (we do not know which borough(s) will be first)
  • An assessment will need to be performed by a Professional Engineer (PE) registered in the state of NY and a report filed with NYC DOB every 6 years
  • An annual observation of the parking garage shall be required in addition to the formal reporting. This can be performed by garage or building maintenance personnel, the procedure in the form of a checklist needs to be developed by the inspecting PE. Record of the inspections must be made available upon request of the DOB

Classification Types

The PE will file their report with the DOB with one of the following classifications: 

  •  SAFEUNSAFESafe with Repair and/or Engineering Monitoring.

When your garage is classified: Safe with Repair and/or Engineering Monitoring the following must take place: 

  • Identify proposed monitoring program
  • Identify engineer performing monitoring
  • Stability analysis with factor of safety showing structure is stable under anticipated loads

When your garage is classified: UNSAFE the following must take place: 

  • Maintain Public Safety
  • Notify the DOB
  • Repairs to the condition must take place

Fines and penalties have not yet been clearly defined by the DOB.

HLZAE has extensive experience inspecting and repairing parking structures throughout the New York area and understands the importance of maintaining your business throughout repairs. To see how we have done this for previous clients, check out our case study on 70-25 Yellowstone Boulevard Parking Structure.

We are here to continue to help you navigate these inspections and provide you the most up-to-date information from the DOB to ensure you are prepared and take the necessary steps for your structures to avoid the possibilities of fines.

Stay tuned as we find out additional information!

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