Reminder: Upcoming FISP Cycle 9 Window B

February 3, 2021

Starting February 21st, Filing Window B for Cycle 9 will open! This applies to building block numbers ending in 0, 7, or 8. This window will run from: February 21, 2021 through February 21, 2023.

Please note that Window A is still open for report filings until February 21, 2022.

If your building falls within these filing windows, HLZAE can help by performing the inspection and submitting the required report to the Department of Buildings.

FISP Cycle 9 Filing Windows:

Have Questions about FISP reports?

Here are some common questions we receive that may answer some of your questions!

What’s the difference
between an Amended Report and a Subsequent Report?

An Amended Report changes
the status of a previously filed Unsafe Report to SWARMP or Safe. A Subsequent
Report changes the status of a previously filed SWARMP report to Safe. A
Building’s classification cannot remain unsafe until the next cycle, therefore
an Amended Report must be filed after the repairs have been completed. A
Subsequent Report is optional but can only be filed during the current open
cycle. A Subsequent Safe report cannot be filed after the next filing cycle
opens. An Amended Report can be filed at any time, regardless of the timeframe.

would I want to file a subsequent report if it is optional?

If your building is deemed safe after filing a
Subsequent Report, your insurance costs may be reduced. In the future,
this may also be beneficial when refinancing you building.

How long does it take Howard L. Zimmerman
Architects & Engineers, PC. (HLZAE) to file and finish a report?

On average, it takes HLZAE about 2 months to
inspect, generate and submit each FISP Report.

What happens when a building is filed unsafe?

a building has filed an Unsafe Report, the owner or manager must take the
following steps:

  • Immediately install a sidewalk shed
    to protect the public on all facades with unsafe conditions (or adequate
    fencing along facades not facing a street).
  • Submit to the DOB an extension
    request for repairs if the repair work cannot be completed in 30 days (the
    DOB’s default timeframe for repairing unsafe conditions). 
  • Submit to the DOB a letter from an architectural/engineering
    firm stating the scope of work, timetable for repairs, and confirmation that
    the proper safety measures (e.g., sidewalk shed) are in place.
  • Submit to the DOB a copy of the
    contract with a contractor hired to perform the necessary repairs.

After the unsafe conditions have been rectified, the architect/engineer
administering the repairs will file an Amended Report with the DOB upgrading
the building status to SWARMP or Safe.

Challenge of Civil Penalty Update

Has your building received a
violation that was incorrectly issued?

The DOB has provided recent information as to how to challenge these
violations. If an owner receives a FISP violation, the violation may be
challenged if there is proof that it was issued in error. See 
1 RCNY §103-04 for
details about required proof.

To submit a challenge to a violation, you must complete a Facades Waiver of Civil Penalties Form and
email it to or contact
HLZAE to assist in this process.

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