Canstruction 2020

January 19, 2021

We are very excited to share with you our entry for Canstruction 2020, which received an honorable mention in the “Best Meal” category! In our tradition of re-creating signature NYC buildings, HLZAE presented an in-depth virtual design of VIA 57 West. The video animation below was created by Thomas Pentoney with the help of our Canstruction Team. Believe it or not, our model is composed of 14,128 sardine and vegetable cans!

VIA 57 West was completed in 2016 and is a uniquely “pyramid” shaped residential building located on the west side in Manhattan, NY. Our message this year reminds us that although VIA 57 West is a new building, hunger is still an old problem. This pyramid shaped structure reminds us of the food pyramid, which is a symbol of a balanced diet that everyone should have. The reality is everyone doesn’t have   access to a meal but no one deserves to go hungry. We all deserve to have a balanced meal. While ending hunger for all may seem like an extremely difficult task, we believe that it can start via the road to VIA 57 West.

You can view all the submissions and VOTE for the People’s Choice Award here:

Most importantly, you can donate to this cause via the link below (then click on our team name). All donations will go directly to City Harvest. Every $1 donated helps City Harvest feed two New Yorkers for a day. We hope that you can support this great cause.

Last but not least, a huge kudos to our Canstruction Team for all of their hard work!

HLZAE Canstruction Team: Thomas Pentoney, Alexandra Fitzgerald, Dillon Galvis, Alexandra Graham, Carol Hayden, Philip Wong, Alexei Tajzler, Leslie Berman

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