NYC Emergency Management Update: Hurricane Evacuation Sign Requirements

November 24, 2020

To comply with Local Law 103/2019, owners of any Group R-2 building (residential apartment building) or occupancy within a hurricane evacuation zone are required to post a hurricane evacuation notice within the building or occupancy. This notice will inform occupants of the hurricane evacuation zone for your building and how to find the closest hurricane evacuation centers.

To identify which zone your building is within, use the Hurricane Evacuation Zone Map. Based on your zone, you can then identify which sign your building is required post. For ease, we have listed all the posters below which you can click on, print and then post in a common area of the building. 

The following posters contain the necessary evacuation information in 13 languages. Based on your building’s hurricane evacuation zone, print the poster and post it visibly in a common area of your building:
Poster for Zone 1
Poster for Zone 2
Poster for Zone 3
Poster for Zone 4
Poster for Zone 5
Poster for Zone 6
For more information about your zone and how to prepare for a hurricane visit:

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