DOB Now: Safety

October 7, 2020

DOB Now Safety

As of September 12, 2016, all FISP reports are to be submitted electronically through the DOB NOW system. The QEWI is required to upload the report into the DOB NOW: Safety system and the Owner must register an email address through the DOB’s e-filing system to sign electronically the TR-6 form. The Owner can log into the DOB NOW: Safety website and see the current status of the report –whether in review, rejected, accepted, etc.– as well as download the report content at any time. Additionally, the Owner receives an email notification when the report has been submitted and accepted or rejected by the DOB.

The DOB NOW: Safety system also has resources available to QEWI’s and Owners for electronic submissions, such as Partial Shed Removal Requests (PSR), Extension of Time Requests for Unsafe Buildings (FISP1 & 2), and other documents relevant to façades. While most of these requests must be initiated by the QEWI, the building has access to these documents through the website.

If you need to access your FISP Exterior Wall Conditions Certificate, take the following easy steps.

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