DOB FISP Filing Fees and Penalties

October 7, 2020

As part of the services provided by HLZAE, your building’s FISP report shall be submitted to the Department along with a filing fee as specified in the rules of the Department of Buildings (DOB) as follows:

Initial Report  $425.00 
Amended/Subsequent Report  $425.00 
Extension Request  $305.00 

Furthermore, the following penalties are enforced by the Department of Buildings and apply after the filing period ends:  

Late Filing (initial report)  $1,000 per month 
Failure to File (initial report)  $5,000 per year 
Failure to correct unsafe conditions  See schedule below 
Failure to correct SWARMP conditions  $2,000*  

*a violation for failure to correct SWARMP conditions can be issued more than one time 

If a building misses an inspection cycle, and/or a report has not been filed by the deadline, the DOB may issue a Failure to File violation. Once the report has been filed, the DOB will then retroactively issue a base penalty of $1,000 per month accumulating from the deadline to the date the report was filed, plus a potential violation with a penalty of up to $5,000 for failure to file.  

In addition to the penalties above, an owner who fails to correct an unsafe condition shall be liable for a civil penalty as detailed in the table below, until the unsafe condition is corrected. Unless the Commissioner grants an extension of time to complete repairs pursuant to this section, the penalties will be incurred as detailed in the table below. This penalty shall be imposed until receipt of an acceptable amended report by the Department indicating the unsafe conditions were corrected, the sidewalk shed has been removed and the associated permits are signed off with the Department, including shed permits, or an extension of time is granted by the Commissioner.  

   Base Penalty  Plus 
Year 1  $1000/month  N/A 
Year 2  $1000/month  $10/linear foot (l.f.)of shed/month 
Year 3  $1000/month  $20/l.f. shed/month 
Year 4  $1000/month  $30/l.f. shed/month 
Year 5  $1000/month  $40/l.f. shed/month 

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