How to Access your FISP Exterior Wall Condition Certificate

September 11, 2020

With the latest update from the DOB that requires building’s to post a copy of their FISP Exterior Wall Certificate from Cycle 8 or Cycle 9 in the lobby, we wanted to make sure you have everything that you need to meet this new requirement.

To access your certificate, you have two options: through the DOB NOW website or through an email request. This will depend on when your last FISP report was filed.

If you have filed a FISP report AFTER September 12th, 2016, you have the ability ACCESS and PRINT your building certificate and avoid the $500 violation fee from the DOB by taking the following steps: 

DOB NOW Website

Step 1: Log into DOB NOW

Note: Only the original signatory or QEWI of the FISP report can access the Wall Certificate. 

STEP 2: Place your cursor over the Safety button and select Facades

STEP 3: Ensure you are on the TR-6 tab and find the address you need the Wall Certificate for

STEP 4: Select Print Wall Certificate

STEP 5: Select Yes to confirm

STEP 6: Scroll down to the bottom of the certificate to print

IMPORTANT: If your building is SWARMP or Unsafe with SWARMP conditions, all repairs must be completed by the date on the certificate or the building is open to a Class 1 violation for Failure to Repair the SWARMP conditions.

Email Request

If your most recent FISP report was filed PRIOR to September 12, 2016, please contact the Facades unit at to request a copy for your building Conditions Certificate. 

Key Things to Note:

If you do not have your certificate posted, you can receive a $500 violation from the DOB. Each time a DOB inspector visits your building and your certificate is NOT POSTED, you can continue to receive additional $500 violations.

If your building does not have a recent FISP report, you are still required to have a sign that states NO REPORT FILED in order to be in compliance.

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