‘Day of Impact’

February 8, 2016

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Here at HLZAE, we recognize the importance of taking care of our community and lending a helpful hand to families and individuals in need of assistance. This past October, Project Associate Brandon Sheiner, of HLZAE’s Mechanical Engineering Department, led HLZAE staffers to participate in a ‘Day of Impact.’ A community service event organized by Architecture for Humanity New York (AFHNY), ‘Day of Impact’ brings together over one hundred design professionals for a day of service to New York City’s underserved regions.

This year, we participated by installing solar powered security lights outside homes in areas of Staten Island that were devastated during Hurricane Sandy. The solar powered lights add safety and comfort to home owners by deterring nighttime burglary and vandalism as well as increasing visibility around the home during the evening hours. They also provide a home maintenance costs savings. HLZAE strategically located and installed the security lights on 15 homes over the course of the day. The installations involved using hammer drills and power drills to secure the lights and solar panels to a variety of exterior finishes including brick masonry, stone, and vinyl siding. Utilizing ladders, staff members positioned the lights and solar panels at appropriate heights.

With so many families in need, community service is one way to learn about other people’s struggles while helping them to overcome some of life’s obstacles. Understanding other people’s lives helps us grow as human beings. HLZAE will continue to participate in community service events that allow us to help those in need of assistance. We encourage anyone who can volunteer some of their time to join us.

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