What Do Our Clients Think?

July 21, 2015


In early Spring, a balanced selection of our clients had the opportunity to ‘tell all’  in response to an HLZAE initiated Client Perception Study seeking information on industry challenges and what their most desired attributes are when selecting and working with AE consultants.  Their responses were candid and forthcoming.

First, our clients are in growth mode across the board and are cautiously optimistic in wanting to ride and control this positive cycle. Finding the best people to staff their organizations is an ongoing challenge. Working through the process of gaining approvals from regulatory agencies is a universal challenge and we strive to accelerate the process.

In selecting AE consultants, they shared the importance of good service, meaning: reliable communication, proceeding through the job process without delay, establishing relationships of trust and advocacy and ensuring value through solutions that endure.

As for HLZAE, we’ve learned we’ve earned their trust and respect for our expertise and high points for knowledge of our craft. More often than not, they’ve recognized us as their advocates for responsible building repair to the right degree that works for them while satisfying regulatory approvals. They appreciate that we educate them and offer alternative ideas as we collaboratively and ultimately arrive at the best solutions for their projects.

And we’ve been ‘taken to task’ when occasionally a team can’t respond quickly enough, triggering an internal discussion and reorganization of project teams. We’re also working on a software application that promises to enhance our billing operations.

Last, and still important, they note the value of our Senior Management and the knowledge and experience they carry.  We remain committed to mentoring our younger personnel as we all recognize how important it is to mine our staff resources.  Our clients have positively cited several of our staff members by name and we could not be more proud of that!

Our collective door is always open to clients and consultants because that’s how we learn and grow better at what we do. There’s strength in collaboration, that’s for certain, and we appreciate your feedback in getting a proper “pulse reading” of our services!

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