Proper waterproofing is essential to preserve the lifespan of a building and its components. Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C. provides waterproofing services related to the new construction or rehabilitation of commercial, institutional and residential properties.

It is nearly impossible to prevent all water from getting into buildings, therefore effective waterproofing involves both preventing water from getting into buildings wherever possible and properly planning methods to get water out of buildings where infiltration cannot be avoided. While HLZA is sensitive to clients’ budgetary constraints, we especially caution building owners to beware of low cost waterproofing bids that specify “band-aid” fixes like closing up holes with sealants. Such fixes can actually trap water in building façades and in fact cause or accelerate long-term damage.

HLZA’s approach to waterproofing takes the entire building into account, including the most vulnerable areas: rooflines, foundations, windows, doors, intersections, plane changes, material changes, corners, and curtain walls. The various methods and materials we use address obvious water events such as rainfall, as well as less obvious threats like New York City’s freeze-thaw cycles that cause water to be trapped in masonry and lead to cracking and spalling.