Proper waterproofing is essential to preserve the lifespan of a building and its components. HLZA provides waterproofing services for new construction or rehabilitation of commercial, institutional, and residential properties.

Effective waterproofing does not merely involve the prevention of water from entering buildings. It also requires a thorough knowledge of materials and engineering to ensure water can exit a building where infiltration is unavoidable.

While HLZA is sensitive to clients’ budgetary constraints, we bring the industry’s best proven experience to guide building owners through long-lasting solutions. For existing buildings, we advise against common and poorly installed “band-aid” repairs with the knowledge that such treatments can actually lead to more costly damage in the future.

HLZA follows a methodical approach to waterproofing that considers a building in its entirety and the most vulnerable locations. Our expertise includes testing both to identify the causes of existing leaks and to confirm the performance of new installations. The various details and materials we use address obvious water conditions such as falling and windborne rain, in addition to complexities such as New York City’s freeze-thaw cycles and potential damage caused by water trapped within façades.