London Terrace Gardens

Industry Sector:

- Multi-Unit Commercial/Residential

Services Provided:

- Exterior Restoration
- Historic Preservation

Project Overview:

London Terrace Gardens is a ten-building complex located between 9th and 10th Avenue and 23rd and 24th Street, in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. The buildings were in state of disrepair with several of them cited as unsafe due to materials falling from the façade. Extensive façade and roof leaks were reported and were found to be caused by deteriorated masonry and mortar joints. Although the property lies outside the current Chelsea Historic District, the building’s ownership wanted to treat these buildings as landmarks which entailed specific product selection and restoration procedures.

Much of the original terra cotta stonework had begun to fail, and large sections required replacement with matching stonework. Approximately 80% of the street-facing and 38% of the courtyard lintels were replaced as part of this project. The steel at the water tank bulkheads was fully restored and deteriorated sections of structural steel replaced. Approximately 40% of the complex's façades received new pointing. All terra cotta was cleaned and coated to match the original color, with some units replaced with new precast stones with a matching coating.

Our team used three blends of brick to replicate as closely as possible the existing masonry through the building. A special color-matched mortar was also used throughout the building at all new pointing and brick replacement locations.