Window Wall and Curtain Wall Restoration & Replacement

HLZA offers expertise for all types of window wall and curtain wall restoration, remediation, and replacement projects. We recognize that maintaining a façade is critical for the overall performance of the building envelope and for maintaining the value of a property. Our knowledgeable and professional staff has experience working with both contemporary and historic window wall, curtain wall, punched window, and storefront systems.

Our process starts with a review of the existing conditions. After working with owners and building management to identify cost-effective, energy-efficient, and appropriate solutions, HLZA prepares contract documents suitable for competitive bidding with qualified contractors, as well as filing with the Department of Buildings to secure work permits, if needed.

At HLZA, it is our commitment to work with our clients to determine how a project can be streamlined. We are well-versed in completing building upgrades while residential and commercial properties are fully occupied.

During construction, HLZA performs construction administration on behalf of the building owners to ensure the project is being built in conformance with the approved plans and specifications, as well as with industry standards and all applicable state and local building codes.