Senior Staff

Select projects Monika has worked on prior to HLZA include:

  • 8-03 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 45-57 Davis Street, Long Island City
  • 56 West 125th Street
  • 73 Strarr Street, Brooklyn
  • 89 Broadway
  • 123 Linden Boulevard, Brooklyn
  • 141 West 115th Street
  • 197 Waverly Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 207 South 3rd Street, Brooklyn
  • 260 Gold Street, Brooklyn
  • 260 West 125th Street
  • 270 Green Street, Brooklyn
  • 364 Henry Street, Brooklyn
  • 379 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn
  • 400 Broadway
  • 417 East 135th Street
  • 540 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 782 New York Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 987 Willoughby Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 1288 Fulton Avenue, Brooklyn
  • 1351 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn
  • Bushwick Leaders High School, Brooklyn
  • PS 3M – The John Meiser Charrette School
  • PS 44 – The Marcus Garvey School, Brooklyn
  • PS 60X – The Alice Austen School, Staten Island
  • PS 277X – Saint Ann’s Avenue, The Bronx
  • PS 333 – Manhattan School for Children
Monika Sasvary, Assoc. AIA

With more than 15 years of experience in commercial, residential, mixed-use, and institutional design, Monika serves as a Director at HLZA. She is responsible for the management and oversight of building envelope, rooftop, plaza, and infrastructure projects.

Monika's experience includes PS 60X which included work on the exterior masonry, windows, roofs, parapets, and flood elimination. The flood elimination scope for this project was intensive due to the Bronx’s granite substrate, which complicates excavation and waterproofing below grade. At Bushwick Leaders High School, a convent and chapel built in 1870 that was converted into a public school, Monika completed a restoration, preservation, and building addition with a focus on replicating existing architectural details. Monika was also responsible for the design and construction administration of 41-45 Davis Street, a nine-story new construction mixed-use building located in a flood zone and requiring resilient strategies.

Monika earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Hunter College and a Master of Science in Interior Architecture from Pratt Institute. She also attended Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Budapest, Hungary and the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark.