Senior Staff

Select projects Michael has worked on at HLZA include:

  • 49 East 21st Street
  • 200 Chambers Street
  • 225 Fifth Avenue
  • 310 West 2nd Street
  • 1200 Fifth Avenue
  • Cadman Plaza
  • East Midtown Plaza
  • London Terrace Gardens
Michael Joseffer

With more than 30 years of architectural and contracting experience, Michael Joseffer serves as a Director at HLZA. He coordinates an architectural and technical team, overseeing project documentation, scheduling, specifications, and reports. Michael directs field inspections, utilizing his extensive knowledge to troubleshoot building system failures. He is involved with building forensics, negotiating on behalf of owners or sponsors seeking representation. Michael is also in charge of Alterations at HLZA. He writes specifications, generates reports, and has expertise in Code Review.

Michael led the historic restoration of London Terrace, a ten-building residential complex in Midtown Manhattan. The project involved a restoration of the building’s façade, terracotta replacement and repairs, and the repair of the decorative water towers. He is also leading the renovations at East Midtown Plaza, a six-building complex near the East River. The project includes roof replacements, façade repairs, restoration of the underground garage, and design upgrades to the 50,000 SF plaza.

Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from City College of the City University of New York.